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    Knives >> Ninja Throwing Knives >> Assassins Creed Throwing Knife

    Assassins Creed Throwing Knife
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    Assassins Creed Throwing Knife
    Art No : 91998
    Price : Upon Request

     This Museum Replica rendition of Altairs Assassins Creed Throwing Knife is a very nice weight and is made of high carbon stainless. Comes with a suede clip sheath.

    Overall length: 10.5 inches
    Blade length: 5.5 inches
    Blade: Dagger point, single edge, sharp
    Blade material: High-tensile strength stainless steel
    Blade Thickness: 2.7 mm
    Handle: Full tang, with the Altair engravings
    Includes: Comes with nylon sheath, and belt loop
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