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    Swords >> Medieval Swords >> Viking Knights Sword Axe Set Thor Champion Winter Bite

    Viking Knights  Sword  Axe Set Thor Champion Winter Bite
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    Viking Knights Sword Axe Set Thor Champion Winter Bite
    Art No : 82007S
    Price : Upon Request

    Viking Knights - Sword - Axe Set Thor Champion Winter Bite

    Overall Length: Approx. 48 Inches (Without Scabbard)
    Blade Length: Approx. 34.25 Inches
    Blade Material: Stainless Carbon Steel Alloy
    Handle: Approx. 11 Inches (W/ Pommel), Hardwood, Faux-Leather Wrapped
    Guard: Approx. 4 Inches Wide, Aluminum Alloy, Antique Grey Finish
    Scabbard: Brown Faux-Leather, Laced Axe Frog, Steel Harness Rings

    Overall Length: Approx. 20 Inches
    Bit Length (Blade): 5.25 Inches (Linear)
    Bit Width: 5.25 Inches
    Bit Material: Solid Cast Metal, Stainless Carbon Steel
    Handle: Hardwood, Smooth Sanded, Naturally Stained, Painted Runes
    Haft: Approx. 18 Inches, Contoured Wood Shape

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