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    Happy New Year 2020
    Thank you for your Loyalty support during the Past Year 2019, and we sincerely expecting our fruitful cooperation in the New Year 2020. Hoping and Wishing in the New Year 2020, our Business relationship will be More and Well Established during the New Year. Wishing you and your families a Happy New Year. May it bring you peace, happiness and contentment in all your endeavors

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    About Us! Video Games Swords,Anime Swords,Knives, Double Blades Swords, Axes, Medieval Shield

    Company Information:  DOUBLE BLADES- is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of the finest quality of Collectibles Products, Axes,Damascus Steel Blades,kingdom hearts keyblades,Knives,Body Armour,Martial Arts Weapons,Swords,Weapons Spears,Barber Scissors,Fishing Tools,Handmade Tools,Hand Forged Products, many more  based in Sialkot, Pakistan Since 2002. vISIT OUR SITE FOR MORE INFORMATION  www.doubleblades.com

    Our Products:-

    Batleth Star Trek Sword of Kahless,
    Medieval Battle Axes,
    Star Trek Volkoth Battle Axe,
    Movies Axes for Sale,
    Damascus Axes,

    Damascus Steel Blades
    Damascus Patterns,
    Damascus Blank Blades,
    Damascus steel Bars,
    Damascus Blades Swords,
    Damascus Bowie Knives,
    Damascus Folding Knives,
    Damascus Hunting Knives,
    Damascus Kitchen Knives,
    Damascus Laguiole Style Knives,
    Damascus Steel Axes,
    Own Custom Damascus knife Orders,
    Damascus Shaving Razors,
    Damascus Karambit Knife,
    Damascus Steel Jewellery

    Kingdom Hearts Sora Keys

    Blank Blades
    Boot Knives
    Fantasy Knives
    Fishing Knives
    Hammered Forged Knives
    Hunting Pocket Knives
    Jackel knife From Buffy
    Jungle Hunting Knives
    Keychain knives
    Kitchen Knives
    Laguiole Knives
    Naruto Kunai Throwing Knife
    Ninja Throwing Knives
    Riddick Sabre Claws
    Supernatural TV Show Knives
    The Expendables Knives
    X Men Wolverine Pantera Claw
    Avatar Daggers
    Knife Leather Tracker

    Body Armour
    300 Movie Spartan Shields
    Captain Americas Shields
    Legend of Zelda Shields
    Knights Templar Shields
    Thundercat Shields
    Troy Movie Shields
    Medieval Metal Shield
    300 Spartan Helmet
    Conan the Barbarian Helmet
    Gladiator Helmet
    LOTR Helmets
    Medieval Battle Helmet
    Troy Movie Helmet
    Body Armour

    Martial Arts Weapons
    Medieval Battle Maces

    Martial Arts Items
    Ninja Throwing Stars
    Martial Arts Metal Sai
    Martial Arts Paperweights
    Wooden Practice Swords
    Martial Arts Ninja Swords

    Anime Swords

    Battle Ready Swords
    Belly Dance Scimitar
    Exodus Gods and Kings Sword
    Fantasy Swords
    Final Fantasy Swords
    John Carter Swords
    Legend Of Zelda Swords
    League of Legends Game Swords
    LOTR Swords
    Medieval Swords
    Military Swords
    Movie Swords
    Star Wars Swords
    Sword Art Online
    Sword Canes
    Sword Hilts Pommels
    Video Games Swords
    Sword Frogs
    Ceremonial Military Swords

    Weapons Spears

    Barber Scissors
    Barber Shears

    Cobalt Scissors
    Cuticle Scissors
    Grooming Shears
    Plastic Handle Scissors
    Titanium Shears
    Household Scissors
    Shaving Razors
    Nail Nipper
    Packing Cards

    Fishing Tools
    Fishing Scissors

    Fishing Tweezers
    Fishing Nippers
    Fishing Forceps
    Fishing Pliers
    Fishing Clamps
    Needle Holders

    Handmade Tools
    Utility Pliers

    Trowel and Square tool
    Utility Scalers
    Hemostat Forceps
    Utility Tweezers

    Hand Forged Products
    Forged Table Cutlery

    Hand Forged Knives
    Hand Forged Tools
    Hand Forged Ring Clasp

    Fine Shaper:-  is a leading Manufacturer and Exporters of Scissors of all Sorts, Beauty Care Products, Fishing Tools, Jewelry Handling Tools, Dental Picks, Shaving Razors, T.C. Instrumens, Orthodonitics Instruments, Collectibles Products, Decorative Swords, Decorative Knives, Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Keys, Shields, Helmets, Axes, Damascus Kitchen Knives, Hand Forged  Products, Hammerd Forged Knives, Veterinary Instruments, Go Kart Racing Suits, Sports Wears, Martial Arts Uniforms, Boxing Gears, Archery Products, Archery Arm Guard, Archery Quiver, Archery Gloves, Archery Stringers, Archery Tabs, Archery recurve Bags,Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments and many more. For More Information, visit our online site http://www.fineshaper.com

    Scissors of All Sorts
    Cobalt Scissors, Grooming Scissors, Plastic Handle Scissors, Fancy Cuticle Scissors, Razor Edge Hair Dressing Scissors, Razor Edge Thinning Scissors, Standard Hair Dressing Scissors, Cuticle & Nail Scissors, Barber Scissors.

    Beauty Care Products
    Cuticle Nippers, Cuticle Pusher, Cuticle Nippers and Cutters, Toe Nail Nippers, Eyebrow Tweezers, Manicure Pushers, Tweezers, Nail Slicers, Nail Clippers, Shaving Razors etc.
    Also Check our PDF File for Beauty Care Products.

    Fishing Tools
    Fishing Pliers, Forceps, Needle Holder and Clamps, Fishing Release Instruments, Fishing Scissors, Fishing Nippers, Fishing Pliers
    Also Check our PDF File for Fishing Tools.

    Jewelry Handling Tools
    Jewelry Pliers, Jewelry Tweezers , Jewelry Scissors, Towel Clamp

    Tungsten Carbide Instruments 
    Tungsten Carbide Forceps, Tungsten Carbide Needle Holder, Tungsten Carbide Scissors.

    Orthodonitics Instruments
    Bone Crushers and Roungers,Dental Forceps,Dental Calipers,Dental Crown Remover,Dental Implantology,Dental Practice Lab Sets,Dental Syringes,Dental Extracting Forceps,Dental Impression Trays,Dental Micro Scissors,Dental Rubber Dam,Extracting Elevators,
    Mouth Retractors,Needle Holder,Orthodontics Pliers,Scalpel Knives,Scaler and Probs,

    Shaving Razors
    Barber Razors, Damascus Razors.

    Collectibles Products
    Decorative Swords, Medieval Swords, Walking Can Swords, Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Keys, Medieval Axes, Shields, Helmets, Movie TV Shows Items,Hammered Forged Knives, Damascus Kitchen Knives,

    Hand Forged Products
    Hand Forged Table Cutlery, Hand Forged Knives, Hand Forged Tools, Hand Forged Ring Clasps.

    Go Kart Racing Suits
    Simple Go Kart Racing Suits, Embroidered Go Kart Racing Suits,Sublimated Go Kart Racing Suits, Hobby Go Kart Racing Suits.

    Sports wears
    Base Ball Uniforms, Basket Ball Uniforms,Cricket Uniforms,Cycling Jersey,Football Uniforms,Hoodies, Ice Hockey Jersey,Men Shorts,MMA,Rugby Uniforms,Soccer Uniforms,Sports Caps, Balaclave,Sweets Shirts,Team Uniform,Tennis Uniforms, T Shirts,Track Suits,Volleyball Unfiorms.

    Martial Arts Uniforms
    Judo Uniforms, Jui Jatsu Uniforms, Karate Uniforms, Color Belts

    Boxing Gears
    Boxing Gloves, Bag Gloves,Head Guards,Punching Bags,Groin Guards,Chest Guards,Shin Guards,Kicks Pads, Focus Pads,Speed Balls,MMA Gloves

    Archery Products
    Archery Arm Guard, Archery Quiver, Archery Gloves, Archery Stringers, Archery Tabs, Archery recurve Bags

    Gloves Collections
    Bee Keeping Gloves,Dressing Gloves,Driving Gloves,Furniture Gloves,Gardening Gloves,Horse Riding Gloves,Machnic Gloves,Motocross Gloves,Safety Gloves,Weight Lifting Gloves,Welding Gloves,Working Gloves

    Motorbike Garments
    Motorbike Suits,Motorbike Leather Jackets,Ladies Leather Jackets, Gents Leather Jackets

    Veterinary Instruments  PDF File of Veterinary Instruments

    Our Mission: To become the preferred provider of quality products for customer’s satisfaction.

    Availability: All our products are made of stainless steel and all custom designs and OEM productions are also available as per customer’s requirement.

    Markets: We have been exporting our products At Worldwide including USA, Australia, Canada, Middle East, UK, SCHENGEN Stats.

    Note: We are not dealing any Licensed/Trademarked items.

          We are consistently producing new products, so kindly check our website often for getting up to date with new produced

     You must 18 years or over to purchase metal blades, swords/knives.

     We are your one stop source for all your Collectibles and Cutlery Products Need.

     We hope you enjoy the website.


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